Andean Natural Products
We propose alternative foods and supplements that improve the physical performance, health and quality of life of our clients; in the present and throughout life in a healthy and natural way.

Our Mission

To offer alternatives of feeding that improve the physical performance, health and quality of life to our clients in the present and throughout the life. In a healthy and natural way.

Our Vision

Improve the health and quality of life of all the people of the world, surpassing the expectations of each one of them.

Social Responsability

ANPRO generates jobs and rural incomes, values biodiversity as Andean roots and tubers, Andean cereals, native fruits, medicinal plants, etc. Making available to our customers a variety of products that are characterized by being healthy, natural, organic and that are also carriers of our cultural identity. ANPRO for 5 years has been supporting the efforts that rural people make in the aggregation of value to their products and self-generation of jobs, providing support to improve the technical and commercial competitiveness of their products. Confident that the Rural Agribusiness, can become the main component of new styles of local development for the construction of a Peru with spatial, social and generational equity, we invite you to learn more about our products.



ANPRO has a long history in the export of Peruvian natural and organic products. In this way it has been possible to disseminate and distribute products such as Maca, Camu Camu, Sacha Inchi, Cacao, Quinoa, Kiwicha, among others to different parts of the world since 2005. This incursion of 100% Peruvian products, to different countries, born from the need for well-being and health care, with a focus on improving nutrition with healthy, natural and organic products.

Several studies have been carried out in order to improve the products, innovate them and give them an added value, preserving the total quality. Resulting in the differentiation of the same in the national and international market.


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