Organic Maca

The maca (Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon) was domesticated by the Pumpush of Junín, a Pre-Inca Culture, back in the 700 years a.c. It is a superior food, its nutritional value lies among others in the high content of proteins and the amount of amino acids (18 amino acids including 9 of the 10 essential amino acids), carbohydrates, compounds such as fatty oils (2 of the essential) and its 31 minerals and vitamins. It is recommended for the consumption of children, adults and the elderly, because it has no restrictions or indications.

Its nutritional value has been recognized in our times, which is why NASA uses it within its nutritional program and FAO also includes it in its list of products to combat nutritional problems.


Maca is a superior food, considering it to be healthy, energetic, restorative and invigorating. Regulates, supports and balances the hormonal system, helping with menopausal disorders in women and virile climacteric, increases libido and prevents sterility. Due to its great nutritional value it strengthens the immune system and helps in cases of malnutrition. Due to its high antioxidant content, it prevents premature cell aging. It is a great physical and mental energizer.

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In flour, it can be mixed with any type of liquid. It can also be used in bakery products. Cereals prepared from Maca, also in flakes, nutritional or energy bars. It can be consumed in capsules and tablets.
Nutritional information
In 100 gr. Maca Flour
Proteins 11 a 13%
Carbohydrates 70 a 75%
Fiber 3 a 1.5%
Total grease less than 65g 80g

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